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Our Products


Cedar chests are made in the following sizes; [LxWxH] not including handles and priced accordingly.

A - 32"x16"x18" $188.00 plus packaging and shipping

B - 39"x18"x20" $260.00 plus packaging and shipping

C - 47"x20"x23" $370.00 plus packaging and shipping


Other Cedar Products

Coat hangers [standard] - 20" Sturdy cedar construction with brass plated hooks.
$4.00 ea. Or 4 for $15.00 Plus packaging and shipping

Coat hangers [ladies petite or children] - one piece cedar with brass plated hook
$2.75 ea. Or 4 for $10.00 Plus packaging and shipping

Cedar shavings sachets - aromatic cedar shavings in hosiery material sachets aprox. 4" x 12"
Usually hung in closets or storage areas will impart a pleasant smell and reputedly repel insects.
$1.50 ea. Plus packaging and shipping

Stackable shoe racks Shoe racks measure - [lxwxh] 36" x 11 1/2" x 5 1/2"

These are easily arranged in most closets to keep shoes organized and Smelling fresh.
$19.50 ea. Plus packaging and shipping.